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When Judgment Clouds our Judgment

I’ve been really frustrated lately. Unrelated situations have  wounded several people I care about. Our own choices often cause the suffering we experience. But anger stirs within me when someone I care about suffers the needless anguish of others’ foolish … Continue reading

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Slowing Down

I recently earned a speeding ticket.  There is a long stretch of road work outside my neighborhood that requires a limit of 35 miles-per-hour, and I was over the limit.  It seems this has become a primary theme for me … Continue reading

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I’m in-between.  I don’t like being in-between, but I  find myself there, in one way or another, very often.  Sometimes, however, there is a signficant In-Between, a season you recognize will most likely be a marker of some sort.  That is where I am.  He’s … Continue reading

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God’s signature on His work

I have shared on here my latest journey of discovery with God.  My last blog recaps the steps in this journey thus far so I will not repeat them here.  I also shared that I am studying a published Bible study, “Faithful, Abundant, True”.  … Continue reading

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The guardian of my heart

I have been working my way through a published study, “Faithful, Abundant, True”. It was the final day’s study from Priscilla Shirer that initiated this most recent journey of discovery with God.  That quiet-time back in December led me to write the blog “The fear of being … Continue reading

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Falling onto God

I wish I could will away fear.  I wish I never bowed to it, was seized by it, or even entertained it.  It isn’t the big things I fear anymore; it is the little quiet ones that catch me by … Continue reading

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Hello world!

I have been a Bible study teacher for 14 years now.  My sessions are liberally sprinkled with personal anecdotes, illustrations of how I have learned specific principles with God.  I am first, and foremost, a student of Jesus and a … Continue reading

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