About the Author

Tammy Feil is an author and Bible study teacher in Charleston, South Carolina.  Tammy accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior and Lord as a very young girl, and grew up immersed in God’s Word through her church and Christian school.  She learned the practice and value of time alone with God as a young adolescent at the Wilds summer camp, and thus began a practice that has followed her though life.  Tammy faced childhood trauma, and spent a few years self-destructing before returning to rediscover a deep and nourishing walk with God.  She married her sweetheart, Terry, in 1994 and they made their way to Charleston when he surrendered to the calling of full time ministry.  Their first son, Jacob, was born in 1997 with a rare neural tube defect.  Facing serious challenges, several surgeries, autism, and learning disabilities, Jake has now grown into a wonderful young man with a humble, encouraging heart.  Their second son, Benjamin, was born in 1999 and has been a great comfort and strength to his older brother,  Jake, and to his parents.  Tammy’s husband, Terry, has been on staff at Riverbluff Church in North Charleston, SC since 1998 and is currently the Pastor of Family Ministries.  Tammy surrendered to the calling of God for ministry as a young girl, and again as a young woman, but in 1996, God gave her a more specific description of that calling:  to write and teach women’s Bible studies.  Since that first women’s assignment in the fall of 1996, Tammy has saturated herself in God’s Word and in time spent at Jesus’ feet.  He is Lord of her life, and she is fully dependent on the Holy Spirit’s guidance and power.  Terry and Tammy were devastated in 2002 when their young sons were sexually abused.  This event brought Tammy to a thorough breaking-point in her relationship with God, and also became the fertile ground for God to take her life into a whole new dimension with Him.  While the details of her life should prove that God is not involved, and is not a good God, the bone-deep conviction and life-transforming reality in Tammy’s life is that God is more extraordinarily good, far more deeply involved, and infinitely more loving than she had ever dared to hope or dream.

In 2011 and 2012, Tammy authored, taught and published the Journey with God Bible Study Series.  For the 2012-2013 study year, Tammy is writing and teaching the Journey with Jesus Bible Study Series.  You can view these items by clicking on the “Bookstore” tab at the top of the page.  You can also order cds by clicking on the “Order CD” tab at the top of this page.


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