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A world of possibilities

Last evening I stepped into my son’s world for a little while.  You see, Jake has autism and other learning disabilities.  Pulling him into “our” world has been a challenge these past 13 years, more difficult for him, even, than me.  But … Continue reading

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Rewind, please?

I didn’t sit and watch the snow fall on Sunday, and there’s no rewind button.  I watched it during lunch; it was fast and furious.  I looked out the window every so often all afternoon, but I got caught up trying … Continue reading

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Falling onto God

I wish I could will away fear.  I wish I never bowed to it, was seized by it, or even entertained it.  It isn’t the big things I fear anymore; it is the little quiet ones that catch me by … Continue reading

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The fear of being seen

Ever have one of those dreams where you leave home without being dressed?  You only realize it when everyone is staring at you as if you’ve lost your mind?  I’ve had that dream again lately and I’m pretty sure it has … Continue reading

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Christmas and the family tree

Don’t you just hate it when your family is a mess?  I’ve been trying to figure out what to do about Christmas for some of my family and none of them live anywhere near us.  Do I risk guessing at … Continue reading

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A “less-than” kind of day

Limitations.  I’ve never been a big fan.  I’ve got too much to do to have limitations.  Their timing is inconvenient.  Limitations make decisions for me and frustrate me.  I don’t like idling my engine unless I want to be on idle, to rest a … Continue reading

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Is it really you, God?

How do we know when we are truly discerning God’s leadership  and when we’re not?  What happens when we’re following what we believe to be His leading yet the results are not particularly fruitful?  When we’re certain it isn’t contrary to … Continue reading

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